Jacob Elnaggar


Research Projects

Software Projects


An augmented reality application used to facilitate the treatment of cancer with radiation therapy

ARRO combines Augmented Reality with current imaging techniques to better position patients at the time of treatment. The software would decrease cost and time of treatment, increasing throughput, reduce the patient's exposure to unnecessary radiation, as well as improving patient satisfaction overall.

At Baylor University I worked with Erich Baker, PhD, to create a tool on his website GeneWeaver. GeneWeaver is an online system for integrating functional genomic experiment findings and their utilization. It is a web-based application that researchers can use to analyze their experimental findings to efficiently obtain meaningful information that can be applied to clinical use. It contains a database and several data analytical tools.

I implemented Dr. Baker's method of finding similarities between the networks using a bipartite data model (Baker 2014) . This analytical tool that I created is extremely useful for analyzing and correlating experimental findings with previously known results.

This project was created using python, flask, Postgresql, and D3.

Go to: www.geneweaver.com

PetFinder is an application created for pet owners seeking a pet sitter. An owner can create an account with their pet and can be matched with verified pet sitters within their area. This project was created using spring and gradle in Java.

I partnered with Baylor Scott & White Health to create a database. The hospital was implementing new methods with the goal of reducing patient recovery times. They required a more efficient way of storing and logging the procedures and operations performed by various doctors in the hospital. I created a database that was user friendly, designed to store procedure information for a patient before, during, and after each operation. This database allowed administrators to better keep track of patient recovery times, and see if the new methods were effective.

This project was created using PHP and MySQL

I created a system that utilizes radio frequency identification (RFID) readers in a Head and Neck Surgery clinic at Baylor Scott and White. A majority of patients have vocal or other impairments. Patients can use the RFID readers with an assigned ID card to notify the clinic of their location in the hospital and their identity. RFID readers, devices that can read the ID card and send information, are already placed in various locations within the hospital. I created this system using Java and multithreading, a technique that allows for multitasking within a processor. Patients are assigned an ID card by the clinic that contains a unique ID number. Then patients can swipe their ID cards at the various RFID readers.